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About X-Honours

X-Honours is an extracurricular program from NHL Stenden for students who are open-minded, curious and want to go the extra mile. We meet every Wednesday afternoon in Meppel, Groningen, Emmen (X-lab, room K1.04), and Leeuwarden (the X-Lab). During this time, we have workshops where we solve certain problems or we have inspirational speakers, which can be students. More and more, the program is also lead by students of the program, who want to share their passions and experiences. The program is based on five pillars, which are the following.


The five pillars

“Acquire self-knowledge, set the direction, and create impact”

Students work talent-oriented and are inquisitive as well as interested. They are reflective professionals who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses as well as their position in their learning process. Feedback from others is regularly solicited and implemented according to self-set development goals and objectives. These objectives reflect inner values and drives which are adjusted when necessary. 

“Recognize, seize, and create opportunities” 

Students turn ideas into actions and products, can win people over and convince them of their ideas. They show initiative and are flexible and service-oriented without being afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Creating opportunities by nurturing one´s own network, not being afraid to take risks and just trying doing something new is a constant process which doesn´t stop after just one project. 

“Work in different subject areas and learn with and from others” 

Students work in a multidisciplinary manner which means that they collaborate with other students and professionals to reach a shared goal. They approach complex issues and perform research based on various specializations (e.g., IT, design, creative writing), while being open and inquisitive about other subject areas. Multidisciplinary students have gained new insights and skills in subject matters outside their initial study program. 

“Create new solutions” 

Students look beyond personal (& national) boundaries and create links that may not be obvious at first glance. They come up with new and surprising solutions for complex issues by using their creativity as well as by thinking outside the box. Still, they are able to argue how they came up with these solutions by critically analysing the steps they took. 

“Act in accordance with your values and create impact”  

Students identify the added values of the professional field and society in their surroundings or elsewhere in the world. They have a strong moral compass that sets the course for their actions (linking to personal leadership). Values and drives can be identified, explained and discussed respectfully with others regarding how and why they contribute to society. 

Lastly, students have one free pillar to develop and formulate objectives for themselves. 

The programme

In the guide, you can find more detailed information. If you think about starting X-Honours, open the guide and read it before starting. Here are some highlights:

  • In X-Honours, you create your own route with activities and projects of your choice. This way, you can combine X-Honours with the various things that you are already working on, and work on the five pillars in a way that fits your learning preferences and personal goals.
  • You get support from a coach, a intervision group, and a community of students and professionals.
  • We offer an inspiring programme on Wednesday afternoons on the locations Emmen, Groningen, Meppel and Leeuwarden with guest lectures, challenging questions, workshops, excursions and discussions. You will also work on your projects and meet your peers.
  • When you start X-Honours, or the new programme, then the first semester you will follow the onboarding programme.
  • You can start with the programme at two different moments per academic year: September and February. 

Are you ready to join X-Honours?

The X-Honours guide

Click on the image below to open the X-Honours guide in a new window.

The X-Lab

The X-Lab in Leeuwarden is a space created by members of the X-Honours program. This includes students, coaches and especially Martin who is always trying to find ways to make the Lab even nicer and more welcoming. It is a place where you can work and get things done, but also meet people and have a good time together. We meet there outside of Honours and have dinner together or order pizza and play games or watch movies.

In Emmen there’s an X-lab (K1.04, Kennispoort, ground floor, upstairs). On the other locations things are developing and rooms might change weekly.

The X-Lab is an inspiring place to be, it is full of different projects, memories and plants and most of the times it feels more like a big living room rather than a classroom. You always meet new and interesting people there. It connects all of us. It is a ‘safe spot’ where everybody can be themselves. Students follow their passions, so don’t be surprised if you see someone playing the piano or the guitar, painting or just having a good time with friends. 

Interested? Just come by and spend some time there and experience it yourself.

NHL Stenden locations

In the NHL Stenden locations down below it is possible to follow the X-Honours programme. You can find our contact details down below the page.

NHL Stenden Leeuwarden


NHL Stenden Hogeschool
Rengerslaan 8-10
The X-Lab (room N-D.0037)
8917 DD Leeuwarden

NHL Stenden Emmen


NHL Stenden Hogeschool
Van Schaikweg 94
7811 KL Emmen


NHL Stenden Hogeschool
Van der Duyn van Maasdamstraat 1
7942 AT Meppel

NHL Stenden Groningen


NHL Stenden Hogeschool
Eemsgolaan 17
9727 DW Groningen