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Certificate Ceremony November 2021

On our annual certificate ceremony that took place on 27 October, we were proud to hand over certificates to the students who finished one or more of the X-Honours levels. Every student got a speech from his/her coach, and we heard many stories about the projects they all participated in. For example, students worked on designing a Green Wall for NHL Stenden, preparing a documentary about the planetary health diet, students went abroad, designed a theatre play, learned Mandarin, or worked on personal goals, like artsy skills of professional drawing and photography.

Oscar Couwenberg, a member of the Board of Executives of NHL Stenden came to give a special word to Nynke Postma, as she has finished all three levels of X-Honours and got a degree-level certificate. Nynke received a Letter of Recommendation on behalf of the Board of Executives, as this is the reward that X-Honours alumni with the X-Honours Degree level receive.

We congratulate all 17 students with their accomplishments within X-Honours: Marije Doeleman, Reno Wierz, Angelique van Dijk, Vera Lippold, Iris van Dijk, Steven Groeneveld, Jildou Smilda, Chantal van der Louw, Karoline von Wintzingerode, Tom van der Laan, Nynke Postma, Barni Gy.Govacs, Luisa Fierro, Inna Guseva, Kim Bos, Zalia Omar and Annet van der Meulen.

In the photo, you see the 11 students that could be present. The ones not there receive their certificate in a different way.