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The new X-Honours blog is here!

Hello everyone!

Wanting to breathe a little fresh air into the X-Honours website, we have decided to start a blog. This will be a place where we will share more interesting information about the program itself, the people involved, and everything relevant to the five pillars. Additionally, you can learn more about any ongoing and noteworthy projects here which might still need new teammembers 😉

Firstly, we want to introduce you to the many interesting people working and participating in the program. However, with our small team of writers you can be sure to expect some other articles that peak your interest as well. In the future, maybe even you could publish an article here about something that you want to share or that you find important. Like you might have already noticed, this section is going to be more free-form. It is meant to be a place where we share things that might inspire you. We might not post every week, but we will come out with new posts every now and again.

Well, what exactly awaits you in the X-Honours blog? Basically anything, I say. One article might be about tips on how to boost your creativity, another one might be a culture crash course on Bulgaria. Who knows? In any case, stay tuned for what´s coming up!

Our website project

The first project we want to introduce you to is our website project! As this is our first blog entry, this is a good place to let you know who we are. Our goal is to keep the website intact and to offer relevant information to any people interested in X-Honours. The project team itself got revamped almost a year ago and now has new writers and website designers. You might have witnessed a few changes here and there, but from this day on we plan to get fully working on the website – mainly in the form of this blog!

We are a small team of seven members which you will get to know soon enough once we start writing articles. As our coach, Astrid keeps us in check when things turn out to be a bit too ambitious. Naturally, we also have close ties with the social media team mainly through Inger who is part of both projects. Lastly, you might recognize my name because I am currently publishing the weekly announcements for the inspiration sessions.

If you are interested in writing an article for the blog, then feel free to contact us anytime!