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Here are a few more reasons why you should join X-Honours:

  • Meet new people from different studies
  • Build a network
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Grow as a person
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Work on interesting projects

Are you convinced? Register by clicking this big button and fill out the form, and we will see you soon in the X-Lab!

"X-Honours is great for meeting new people, self-development, building a career, and having fun while studying!"
Yan Siegers
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Microsoft Teams

We use Microsoft Teams to connect with all the great people we have in our network. You can learn more about Teams here.

If you are registered for the X-Honours programme, please join our Team workspace with the button down below.

Not sure yet?

That’s no problem, you are free to join us whenever you are ready. But if you would like we can show you around the X-Lab! Every Wednesday afternoon you are welcome to join the high tea and the programme. Or just enter the X-Lab whenever, there is always someone who is happy to guide you. Would you rather make an appointment with our coaches? That is fine too! Click the button below to leave your contact details. 

Feel the vibe of our community​

Not your cup of tea?

Maybe the programme is not suited for you. Or you just do not have the time with your study. Or you just want to have a pause for a bit. We understand, and leaving the X-Honours programme is not a problem. Just let us know by filling out this form. It is always possible to register again if you change your mind.