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Destinations (30 October)

Before the autumn break we discovered ‘the making of a mensch’, we took a superhero test and made a start building the basecamps for this year. If you weren’t there, please make sure that you take this the minute quick test at We want a healthy and balanced mix of different personalities in each basecamps, so pick the basecamp where you complement the group the most. This week we kick off with the next step in the formation of the basecamps. Next up is some time to work on your projects. Don’t have a project yet? No problem. Use this time to dream up your own awesome project and attract a crew to join your cause.

During the inspiration session at 4 o’clock we will ‘visit’ the Maldives and have a serious debate on modern travelling. Nowadays we have the possibility to travel to the most exciting and exotic places all over the world. But what are the consequences? Are we disrupting local societies? What about the local and the global environment? And what about flying? But does this mean that we are no longer entitled to travel? And what if the tourists are no longer spending their money in these places? Even if you aren’t a globetrotter yourself, make sure your destination for this Wednesday is the X-lab. See you there! 

Where: X-lab
When: Wednesday 30 October

14.00 High Tea
14.35 Basecamp formation
15.30 Project Time
16.00 Exotic destinations