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Fighting Burn-outs (27 November)

Last week we took the stage at an awesome (and hilarious) improv workshop. This experience will certainly fuel your creativity for decades to come. Next week we will find out more about a completely different subject: burn-outs. Sjoerd van Dekken, who has earned his mark with innovations within mental health care, will tell us more about Five Steps: an online program that helps employees to prevent burning out.

Did you know that right now, 1.3 million people in the Netherlands experience symptoms of burning out? In 2017 alone, there was 4.7 billon euro in expenses due to burn out and burn out complaints. During the inspiration session you will discover more about burn-out problems and how an online tool might provide an effective solution for employees. But why stop with employees? Burn-out is also a growing problem among students. Sjoerd will challenge you to think about ways to have his online tool help students as well! No pressure 🙂


  • Where: X-lab
  • When: Wednesday 27 November


  • Schedule
             14.15 High Tea
             14.40 Opening & Pitches
             14.50 Basecamp & Project time
             16.00 Inspiration Session: Fighting Burn-Outs