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Lecturer in the Picture: Erik-Jan Rodenhuis

International Business Administration Erik Jan Rodenhuis tells about his experience at X-Honours.

‘I’m part of the X-Honours team, because I think education starts with the goals of the student. The personal development of every student is our main focus here. The students are coming from different studies to work together on various projects, this makes co-creation a given. The departements personal leadership, innovation, multidisciplinary work, entrepreneurship and value-oriented working are very important to me. These pillars are valuable traits for every future professional. I also keep learning from the ambitions of students, this makes X-Honours an inspiration for me.

I’m back working as a coach in the reconnaissance program since a few weeks. This means that I’m available at the X-lab every Wednesday to talk with students about their motives and there self-initiated projects. Besides that, I’m also working together with colleagues on the coming college year and the continuation of the program in order to stay meaningful to students.

At the X-Lab we have room for self-examination of the students. Regular education sometimes don’t have the time to do this. X-Honours offers time to answer big questions as: what makes me happy? What do I want to achieve in my life? What is my value and what is my role in society? Students that actively think about questions like these are fitting very good within the X-honours program. They have the room to develop themselves in a broad perspective. The students can shape their personal development, they can really be themselves here. I think this makes it fun to be here.

A lot of changes happened in education. The ideas and departments of X-Honours clearly inspired the ambitions of Design-Based Education. X-Honours aspires to be the frontrunner in such developments. This makes the X-Honours program relevant, staying up to date is thereby a big challenge for us. We’re fully committed to achieving this.’