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Programme of May 15th

Want to meet interesting professionals from the working field and have a great opportunity to network? 

Would you like them to inspire you, help you out, give an opinion or advise, be a role model for you, give access to their network, or guide you in your study, your career, or your life?

Upcoming Wednesday several professionals of MentorProgramma Fryslân come to X-Honours, e.q. a CEO, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, an ICT developer or consultant, etc. In table conversations and in a safe and relaxed setting, you can talk to them, have a chance to network and maybe you can find yourself a mentor for your study, career or personal life!

MentorProgramma Fryslân consists of over 300 hundred professionals in Fryslân. They are all available as a mentor to you. Next week you can get a unique taste of what mentoring can mean for you personally and how you can be matched with someone of your interest (if you would want that), but what’s more, you will have a networking opportunity!


Walk-in with a High Tea
14:30Welcome and pitches
14:40Introduction, round table conversations with professionals,
16:30 Basecamp time (project time optionally)
17:00 Special pizza session for students that want to talk about the future of X-Honours (it’s free, but register via coach Anneke)