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Rational thinking to control overthinking (15 January)

Are you guilty of dwelling on a problem much longer than you should?

Many people get caught up in overthinking problems from time to time, but some people make a habit of it which can lead to a state called ‘analysis paralysis’ and can negatively affect grades and academic performance. In these cases, the more you think, the worse you feel.

During this week’s session with guest speaker Tatiana Naaier- Ciff , we will discuss overthinking and rational ways to control it. We will find answers on questions like:
– What is overthinking and why does it happen?
– Why and how do we hold irrational beliefs?
– What is the interdependency of trigger-belief-action?
– How can we use cricital thinking instruments to control overthinking?

You are welcome to join us at the X-Lab on 15 January!


14:15 hrs. Walk in with high tea in the X-Lab (free entrance)
14:40 hrs. Welcome, announcements and pitches
15:00 hrs. Basecamp/ project time
16.00 – 17.30 hrs. Inspiration session ‘Rational thinking to control overthinking’
By Tatiana Naaier-Ciff