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Roadtrip NL/BE

As promised during our meeting on the 8th of May; Some additional information about the Roadtrip NL/BE on the web as well:

Either on 8-10th or 9-11th of June


  1. Because it’s fun!
  2. Because there are some people leaving for exchange etc. that deserve a proper farewell
  3. Because we all could use a break from social media, mobile phones, and fast food, right? Right.

No phones! (this also means; no navigation etc. so old school maps)
Make food ourselves!
Play games!
Hang out!

How much?
This depends on the number of applications and accommodation. We strive to keep it low, so between 75-100 euros in total (including gas and food).

Let us know if you want to sign up by:
Mailing to and put your preference for a date in there as well.


  • Annet van der Meulen
  • Laura Mulder