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September 11th: Welcome to the World of X-Honours

Welcome to X-Honours 2019/2020! Whether you are a hardened X-Honours veteran or this is your first year, or if you’re an interesting student, next Wednesday will be the perfect introduction of what to expect from this year. You are probably curious about the X-Honours community. That’s why we kick off the afternoon in a playful way to get to know each other better.

Later in the afternoon you will discover the pillars and what you can do to master them during the course of this academic year. Part of this is a showcase; a presentation about the X-Honours achievements that is part of the assessment at the end of the road. Sounds a bit vague? No worries! Our student William will give a sample showcase for all to behold.

And last but not least, we will tell you more about the X-Camp (11 and 12 October) and how you can help to enrich this field trip extraordinaire.  

Every student that likes to join us: feel free, feel welcome and save the date!