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September 25th: Start with why and what

The programme of September 25th consists of three parts:

What motivates you? What art can we make? And what elements create effect in The Blue Zone?

Firstly, what is your reason to get up in the morning? What motivates you to do the things you do? In this Wednesday programme, students will first reflect on this and make their unique presentations.

Secondly, we will brainstorm about our very own piece of community art: A special two-week-project every X-Honours student can contribute to.

We will close off with a lecture and workshop related to the Festival of Learning: A project to encourage learning for all ages. This entails questions like: How can young people learn older people about new trends and ideas of modern society? One of this topics is the Blue Zone. There are a number of areas in the world where people in general are happier, get older, live healthier and experience less stress.

After a brief lecture about The Blue Zone, you will discuss and work out the ideas of the Blue Zone into practical blueprints for workshops about elements of what might create the effects of the Blue Zone.

Don’t miss it, see you at the X-Lab on 25 September!


Location: X-Lab, NHL Stenden Leeuwarden, Rengerslaan 10
Open to all students of NHL Stenden.

Time Activity
14:00 High Tea in the X-Lab (Walk in)
14:30 Sample Basecamp: What is your drive?
15:30 Brainstorm X Honours Community Art
16.00 – 17.30 Festival of Learning: The Blue Zone