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X-Honours in times of Corona

The situation with the COVID-19 virus is effecting us more and more. We like to provide information on how X-Honours deals with this. 

X-Honours continues with basecamp meetings online on every Wednesday. Students are encouraged to stay in touch. We share tips about interesting MOOC’s, books, Tedtalks, documentaries and movies that might be helpful or inspiring for students. Some projects continue because we can collaborate remotely. We encourage students to think of new projects, stay motivated and keep working on their development within our pillars, as well as their portfolios.

We have prepared  Microsoft Teams for our community and the basecamps. Students have received an invitation by e-mail. MS Teams will replace our Slack environment in time, but until further notice Slack remains our main communication channel. As soon as Teams is fully operational, we will inform the community and shut down Slack.

Basecamps will meet online in MS Teams. The coaches will invite students to these meetings,  and also to share information and chat.  As the entire university is making use of Microsoft Teams and other systems, systems might struggle with the demands and the internet might work slower.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us

Stay safe and wash your hands!