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People of X-Honours

At X-Honours you can find people of all walks of life which have joined together to work on projects that reflect their values and interests.
As every student and coach is unique in their own way, everybody brings something different to the table. Do you want to start an art project? There will 100% be an artist somewhere. Planning to program something, but you do not have any experience at all? Just ask your basecamp and you will find someone who is willing to help out!

We are an eager community of people that have fun working on various different projects and therefore, you will find that our network reaches even further than one might assume! Here, you can take a short glimpse at some of the faces of X-Honours and how they experience the program.

This older video (2021, not up-to-date) shows some students and coaches.


The students lie at the heart of the program and are always challenging the boundaries of what they can achieve, and of how they develop themselves. You will meet students from all kinds of studies and domains. In this learning community you therefor have the possibility to collaborate truly multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. You inspire each other and you will find many chances and opportunities that arise within our learning community.  Often new friendships arise while working on an exciting project together.


Of course, X-Honours would not be the same without its highly competent and supportive coaches! To give you an impression of the people that will be advising you on the projects you would like to create or participate in, the coaches have introduced themselves shortly. Groups of students are led by a coach who will help you with your portfolio and projects and facilitate the community.