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3 April: Personal Leadership

This week the onboarding programme will handle about personal leadership. Personal leadership is one of the pillars of X-Honours and actually a central one, but what is it and why does it matter so much? What does this pillar mean for your personal development plan that you are working on as an Honours’ student?  

We will do some activities to see what it means, and what kind of leadership style might suit you best. Let’s discover the meaning of ‘personal leadership’ together!

Advanced students meeting

After a plenary opening, the advanced students will have a separate meeting. They will be introduced into the project forms and how to fill these in, by Martin Renema. Questions about the administrative part of projects will be answered by Martin. Students will consequently work on filling in one or more forms in groups. After that, there is time for peer-to-peer learning: students discuss their progression and help each other out with struggles and matters they bring onto the table.


15.45Walk in
16:00Welcome, announcement and pitches (plenary)
16:15* – 18.00Separate sessions for onboarding and advanced students
* The time frames are approximate, programme parts will start subsequent to the previous part.


LeeuwardenX-lab Leeuwarden (R10-building)
EmmenK1.04 (kennispoort, BGG vide) 
MeppelDesign Factory