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5 June: Showcase Day

We are approaching the end of this academic year. A time to finalize, finish assignments, and reflect. On 5 June we planned the Showcase Day for our students, as part of their assessment. This means there is no X-Honours’ session.

During their showcases, onboarding and advanced students will have the occasion to show their insights and projects from this semester. What learning outcomes did they formulate? What did they undertake to achieve them? Or what are their plans next year? What do the pillars mean to them personally, and how did they develop on each of them? Students can showcase what they did in their very own way. We encourage them to be original.

After showcasing some highlights, students will get feedback from the coach and the peers they invited. This feedback will be included in their personal portfolios. Students round off their assessment with their portfolio’s.

The showcases will be held from 15.00 to 18.00 hrs. For planning a timeslot for a showcase, students were asked to assign in Teams. The schedules can be found here. Do you also want to do a showcase? Contact your coach or send and e-mail.