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6 March: Learning Outcomes

What are you heading for?

On Wednesday 11 October, we will talk with the onboarding students about learning outcomes. Why do we want them and what do they imply? Last year we saw that formulating a good learning outcome is not that easy and there are many good and bad examples, so how can you formulate good ones for yourself?

The advanced students will have a seperate meeting in which they will have discussions on starting up projects and everything that comes with that, and/or have peer to peer learning sessions about struggles, questions and issues that students run into, or ideas that they want to talk about. Students are encouraged to bring in matters of their concern and to share tips with each other.

As usual, we start together with all students for the announcements and project pitches.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday at one of the locations!


15.45Walk in
16:00Welcome, announcement and pitches (plenary)
16:15* – 18.00Seperate sessions for onboarding and advanced students
* The time frames are approximate, programme parts will start subsequent to the previous part.


Leeuwarden@X-lab Leeuwarden (R10-building)
EmmenK1.04 (kennispoort, BGG vide) 
MeppelDesign Factory