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Help, I have to network! (May 26)


On May 26 we will have an extended inspirational session about networking with opportunities to actually network. Speaker of this online session is Jan-Willem van Kruyssen and there will be multiple interesting professionals from diverse working fields in the session to help you with your networking questions and to add to your network. Above all other things, we hope to inspire you in this session. 

We know that many students of X-Honours value our community for its network opportunities. We also know that students often struggle with thoughts like: “How am I supposed to know how to network?”, “It’s scary and unfamiliar”, and most of all: “How!?”  

This session will be a low-barrier occasion to ask questions and gain tips on expanding your network to reach your goal, or to expand your network as a good thing in itself. And maybe you get this golden tip for the next step in reaching your ambitions. We therefore invite you to think about your ambitions, and think about your most pressing questions regarding networking, as a preparation of the session.  

About the speaker 

Jan-Willem has had quite a career thanks to his extended network, and he has done many interesting and large-scale projects. For example, he was greatly involved in the project “Leeuwarden-Fryslan European capital of culture 2018” and raised its European funds. Now he’s the fundraiser in its follow-up project “Arcadia”. He used to coach young adults in starting up cultural projects, after working in the TV-, music- and theater industry for many years. Additionally, he has been a musician, an engineer, a producer, and now works on European level.  He always went with his passion and states: ”I can best help students with my network and experience if they know what their dream is, what their passion is”. Therefore, he is a person everyone could use in his/her network and he’s willing to help students by sharing his tips to you and answer your questions.  

Apart from Jan-Willem, you will be introduced to other external professionals during the session.  

Set-up of the session 

After a plenary introduction of Jan-Willem, we will split in groups to talk with the guest-professionals about your questions and about how a network can help you realise your dreams. Maybe you get the golden tip or connection. And otherwise you can get inspired!   

In case you want to talk with one of our guests a little more, there is a possibility to after the session. In your basecamp session afterwards you can continue to exchange tips and experiences regarding networking.  

All students from NHL Stenden are welcome to join this session. It will be hosted in Microsoft Teams “X-Honours Community” (channel “General”), starting at 14.30 hrs. You can ‘walk in’ 15 minutes earlier and have a chat if you like.

Click here to join the session as a guest.

Schedule of May 26

14.15 hrs.Walk in @ Microsoft Teams “X-Honours Community”
Bring your own high tea 😉
14.30 hrs. Welcome, announcements, and pitches
14.45 – 15.15 hrs. How to network? An introduction by Jan-Willem van Kruyssen
15.15 – 15.35 hrs.Round one with an external professional **
15.35 – 15.40 hrs.Break
15.40 – 16.00 hrs.Round two with an external professional **
16.00 – 16.30 hrs.Wrap-up and occasion to talk further when necessary
16.30 hrs. (app.*)Basecamp time
* The time frames are approximate, programme parts will start subsequent to the previous part. ** Names and a short profile will be shared in the community beforehand