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How about a future WITH plastics? (21 October)


Nowadays nearly everybody knows about topics like the plastic soup, fast fashion and the ban of single used plastics. It looks like a green future with plastic doesn’t exist. But it does!

Sustainable plastics in a circular economy

In the X-Honours inspiration session of 21 October, Jan Jager, Lector at Stenden Pre and GreenPAC  will show you how a future with plastics is possible and what the first steps are to make this real. Steps we are already taking.

The following questions will be answered:
– What makes plastic sustainable and how is it made?
– What is the difference between biobased and biodegradable plastic?
– What is a circular economy?
– Why is a circular economy better for the planet and how do we get there?


All students and staff from NHL Stenden are welcome to join this session. It will be casted in Blackboard Collaborate, starting at 14.30 hrs. You can ‘walk in’ 15 minutes earlier and have a chat if you like.

Click here to join the session as a guest.
Students that are subscribed to X-Honours are asked to join via the X-Honours’ Blackboard course.


14:15 hrs. Walk in @Blackboard Collaborate.
Bring your own high tea 😉
14:30 hrs. Welcome, announcements, and pitches
14:45 hrs. (app.*)Inspiration session by Jan Jager
16.00 hrs. (app.*)Basecamp time

* these times are approximate, programme parts will start subsequent to the previous part of the programme, with a short break before basecamp time.