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Innovation in Small Steps or Just Bring it Together (October 26)

Autumn break is over and it’s time to get innovative!  

The purpose of this session is getting basic knowledge of innovative behaviour. Therefore, we will take a look at existing innovations to improve your daily live.  

Small innovations – BIG impact 

If you think about innovation, probably some huge innovations will come up in your mind like the internet, smartphones or electric cars. But if you want to reach this level, you first have to solve the small problems on your way or combine existing solutions. For example, what would be the internet without a PC. What would be a PC without a simple thing like a cable? 

In this session you will experience that also small innovations can have a big impact on your daily live. Hereby we invite you to think “out of the box” to improve your day and maybe inspire other to do the same by taking a closer look at existing “innovations”. 

Please bring a device to upload your result in a Word or PowerPoint file at the end of the session. 

Rooms per location:

Leeuwarden: X-Lab (R10-building)

Emmen: K1.04 (kennispoort, BGG vide)

Meppel: tba
Groningen: tba

Schedule of October 26

15:45 – 16:00Walk-In
16:00 – 16:15Welcome and Start
16:15 – 18:00 (*)Programme: Small Innovations
* The time frames are approximate, programme parts will start subsequent to the previous part.