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Letting a firm stand out from the competition: A branding workshop (March 30)


Branding is a powerful tool that can be used to define the desired customer experience or bring back wonderful memories associated with an experience. But the definition of a brand has to be something the customer agrees with – and has to provide value to him/her.  

The Apple brand can be seen to stand for lifestyle, innovation and dreams – but if no one agreed with this definition or no one values futuristic and classy technology – no one will buy it! When you purchase a product with the Apple brand, you value what Apple stands for. 

Next week, X-Honours will host a workshop to figure out what Honours students value and what X Honours means to them. The goal is to target what is essential and most powerful. This allows a firm to focus on their core competencies – what they are best at. 

Using these core competencies, we can create a persona to humanize the brand. The ideal situation is motivated employees who love what their company stands for – and feel a sense of purpose in their job to bring this brand to life in interactions with customers. 

About the speaker


Haris Wahid is doing a Master’s in Content & Media Strategy but loves branding and is developing his graphic design skills. He has experience helping the company Xsens figure out their brand’s essence and guidelines for implementation in a Brand Experience Manual. This involved 33 interviews with employees, managers and B2B customers (even EA Games!) – and 6 workshops. This will be the first time he does a brainstorming with non-marketing students.

The session will be taking place at the locations of Leeuwarden (X-Lab), Emmen (room 1080) or Meppel (room 15). Registration is not necessary anymore, but stay at home if you have Covid related complaints, consider a self-test to be sure and try to keep your distance. We take care of the fourth rule: ventilation!

Schedule of March 30

14:00 Drop-in
14:20 Meditation by Aryan Amin
14:30Brand workshop by Haris Wahid
16:00 – 17:30 (app.*)Basecamp
* The time frames are approximate, programme parts will start subsequent to the previous part.