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Little Sod (May 19)

In this week´s inspiration session we are going to play an online “game” called Little Sod. Although this game usually takes about 240 minutes, we will try to adapt the time to the schedule as much as possible in order to not delay the basecamp meeting too much. This is what you can expect:

Little Sod simulates an experience in which the player meets a 4-year-old child who wants his daycare to change. During this workshop, players have to conduct a problem analysis and ultimately work on an improvement plan. Then, this plan must be presented to the 4 year old commissioner. This process teaches the players to think from the customer’s point of view and to analyze a complex problem from the perspective of different stakeholders.

During the workshop, the players work in teams that compete with each other to win the assignment. The players are provided with cut and paste material to prepare a presentation. During the workshop there are facilitators present who fulfill different roles such as the parents of the child or the director of the daycare that the players can ask questions about.

Although the situation may seem clear at first, the player soon finds out that all stakeholders actually want something different and that all these needs are difficult to reconcile. Players must dare to ask questions to get all the information on the table. The biggest step is not only to bring all this information together, but also to translate this into a change plan and a presentation that match the client’s perception of the world. A four-year-old child cannot read and write yet and the players will have to adapt to this.

All students from NHL Stenden are welcome to join this session. It will be hosted in Microsoft Teams “X-Honours Community” (channel “Info for all”), starting at 14.30 hrs. You can ‘walk in’ 15 minutes earlier and have a chat if you like.

Click here to join the session as a guest.

Schedule of May 19

14:15 hrs.Walk in @ Microsoft Teams “X-Honours Community”
Bring your own high tea 😉
14:30 hrs. Welcome, announcements, and pitches
14:45 hrs. (app.*)Inspiration session by Erik Jan Rodenhuis
16.15 hrs. (app.*)Basecamp time
* The time frames are approximate, programme parts will start subsequent to the previous part.