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Make a start on 14 February

On 14 February there will only be a programme in Emmen and Leeuwarden!

As on most Wednesdays, we will start plenary with some announcements and often one or two pitches for a project. Then the onboarding students (first semester) and the advanced students (after the first semester) will have seperate/ parallel meetings.

After getting to know each other a little better, the onboarding students will get a bit more introduction into the programme this semester. Also, they will get information on how to start a personal development plan for X-Honours.

The advanced students will do a brainstorm session to come up with possible projects to start up, and of course there is room to discuss things that you struggle with as a student. Don’t underestimate the power of a group thinking along!

We look forward to meeting you on Wednesday!


15.45Walk in
16:00Welcome, announcement and pitches (plenary)
16:15* – 18.00Separate sessions for onboarding and advanced students
* The time frames are approximate, programme parts will start subsequent to the previous part.


LeeuwardenX-lab Leeuwarden (R10-building)
EmmenK1.04 (kennispoort, BGG vide) 
Meppelno programme today
Groningenno programme today