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PDP Part 2: Where Do We Go From Here? (May 24)

X-Honours next step

The end of the academic year is in sight and that means we only have a few more meetings. The one on Wednesday 24 May is all about PDP Part 2. What are we going to do? First, we will look back at the whole programme and how it will help you prepare for the completion of the Onboarding programme (showcase and portfolio).

In addition, we will look ahead: how will you proceed in the next phase of X-Honours? Will you still be with us on location or will you continue your studies elsewhere, e.g. via exchange or Grand Tour? And how will you then stay connected to what is happening with Honours? In short, we will be preparing for what is to come!

Rooms per location:

Leeuwarden: X-Lab (R10-building)

Emmen: K1.04 (kennispoort, BGG vide)

Meppel: Design Factory

Groningen: tba

Schedule of May 24

15:45 – 16:00Walk-In
16:00 – 16:15Welcome and Start
16:15 – 18:00 (*)Programme: PDP Part 2
* The time frames are approximate, programme parts will start subsequent to the previous part.