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Programme 15 November


We will pick up our X-Honours’ sessions upcoming Wednesday 15 November, after we had a break last week because of the testweek.

The onboarding students will be introduced to the pillars of X-Honours.

We will elaborate on each one of them in the upcoming weeks, starting with the pillar Personal Leadership. Students will experience some assignments, get to know what it is, and discover their individual, personal aspects they can use to take good leadership of their own development. We will also cover how you can use Personal Leadership in your own journey of X-Honours. Of course, the skills and insights you’ll gain will be of use in your study as well, and actually in your whole life!

The advanced students will continue with Project Management. We will talk about starting up projects and students will be presenting their own project plans.

We hope to see you on Wednesday in one of our locations, starting at 16.00 hrs.         


15.45Walk in
16:00Welcome, announcement and pitches (plenary)
16:15* – 18.00Joint inspirational session by guest speaker Simon Dijkstra. Open to all students of NHL Stenden!
* The time frames are approximate, programme parts will start subsequent to the previous part.