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Programme 22 November

In the previous session, the onboarding students had an introduction about Personal Leadership. Also, the students worked in groups  and came up with a proposal on how an improved X-Honours would look like.

The upcoming session will handle about a second pillar: Entrepreneurial behaviour. What is it? What aspects are there to it? How does it differ from Entrepreneurship? And of course, the question will rise: how do you, or do you not, recognize yourself in these aspects and what learning outcomes do you want to be able to demonstrate for yourself at the end?

The advanced students have been working on the topic of project management for several weeks. Upcoming Wednesday they will look at how things went so far and what struggles they ran into. The upcoming session will be an ‘intervision session’ for peer-to-peer learning. Students have a chance to talk to each other about any struggles they experience and come up with advices to help each other out. There will also be time to prepare for our special inspiration session about Project Management on the 29th of November.

We look forward to meeting you!


15.45Walk in
16:00Welcome, announcement and pitches (plenary)
16:15* – 18.00Separate sessions for onboarding and advanced students
* The time frames are approximate, programme parts will start subsequent to the previous part.