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September 4th: Kicking off in X-Style

Get informed, celebrate, and enjoy a witty and fascinating performance of Michiel Lieuwma

On Wednesday 4 September we will kick-off the new X-Honours season in ‘De Kuil’ at 14.00 hrs. We would like to invite everyone interested to join one or more parts of our special program.

The programme kicks off with an introduction of X-Honours. There will be a short presentation, but the best introduction is hearing the experiences from the students in the X-Honours community.

Next up at 15.00 hrs. is a fascinating, satirical performance by writer and theatre maker Michiel Lieuwma. His insights are valuable for both current and upcoming X-Honours students, as well as for teachers, and… well, actually for everyone! You will find more information about this performance below.

The last part of the afternoon is the certificate ceremony, which takes place in the X-Lab at 16.00 hrs. Even if there’s no certificate waiting for you, you are welcome to join us and celebrate the achievements of our X-Honours champions. And off course, bites and drinks will be provided!

Michiel Lieuwsma: naar de maan of naar de haaien

A rough translation of the title above: “To the moon or to the sharks”, which means “Make it or break it” (but then more poetical of course).

If we talk about the future long enough, there will always be a point at which we give up our faith: we fear a global catastrophe, or we believe that we will colonize the galaxy and save humanity in time. Both futures, to the moon or to the sharks, are hypothetical and uncertain. Yet, we often reason with the persuasiveness of a stubborn faith.

Each narrator sends his story a little down towards the final apocalypse, or a little up towards interplanetary colonization. Meanwhile, ‘real life’ takes place between the cracks of these two exaggerations.

Michiel Lieuwma (writer and theatre maker, known from De Snijtafel, among others) takes you on a journey through his brilliant and absurd fantasies via a bizarre network of slides, diagrams, illustrations and tables.

Naar de maan of naar de haaien is a futuristic sequel to Het Leven (or Life), a PowerPoint presentation with which Michiel surprised the Oerol audience in 2017. Prepare yourself for a satirical, impetuous journey through the deepest caverns of the PowerPoint, in search of the answer to the question: do we know how to save the human species, or is destruction already inevitable?

“Lieuwma’s ‘Naar de maan of naar de haaien’, a twisted PowerPoint presentation and a fascinating theatre performance in one.”

De Theaterkrant, 19 June 2019

Credits for the featured image of Michiel Lieuwma: Nichon Glerum

This article has been translated and edited slightly for everyone’s accessibility. Please ask the coaches for the original Dutch article.


Location: De Kuil, NHL Stenden Leeuwarden, Rengerslaan 10

14:00Introduction of X-Honours (De Kuil)
15:00Performance Michiel Lieuwma (De Kuil)
16:00Certificate ceremony (in the X-Lab)
AfterwardsSnacks, drinks and fun!