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Ready for a debating battle? (12 February)

Let’s give them a hard time!

In our next meeting, Wednesday February 12, we do a debating battle. IHM students are participating in an international debating battle and really need our help. In today’s highly competitive world of hospitality, loyal guests are increasingly important. Not only hotels need to find ways to differentiate their brand experience, if they wish to stay relevant and competitive, but also all kind of companies and organisations have to deal with this. We have 9 debating topics to explore and, in the end, we will debate with IHM students on these topics. Our assignment: give them a hard time!


14:15 hrs. Walk in with high tea in the X-Lab (free entrance)
14:40 hrs. Welcome, announcements and pitches
15:00 hrs. Basecamp/ project time
16.00 – 17.30 hrs.Inspiration session: Debating battle with IHM students