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Showcase Day (June 2)

What have we done and achieved so far?

On Wednesday June 2nd  X-Honours students have the opportunity to show their X-Honours achievements in a style that suits them. Goal of the showcases is to show the achievements so far and to gather feedback. The input from the audience is used for completion of their portfolios which will form their final assessment.

The input from experts, peers and coaches can be just the boost needed to finish this X-Honours year with a bang.

We have got quite a number of students who signed up and we wish them good luck on Wednesday June 2nd. The coaches are looking forward to it!

Note to all students:
We don’t have a regular programme on June 2nd, but your coach will inform you about basecamp.
Hope to see you all June 9th again; we’ll publish that programme next week via our Socials and in Teams.