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SPECIAL: Photography Workshop (April 11)


Hey everyone, I (Zalia) am giving an online photography workshop on the 11.04. at 17:00 – 18:00 📷. It will be a beginner level workshop, for everyone who just wants to take better pictures with their phone or a DSLR Camera (it might also be of interest for everyone creating art).

I am planning on talking a bit about framing, light and composition and give some insight into how “professional” cameras work, but I would adapt the content to your wishes. The workshop will take place over Microsoft Teams. I would like to make it as interactive as possible so please have the following items ready:

📷 Camera (Phone or DSLR)

💡 Light source (Flash light, desk lamp, anything thing you can move around)

🎙️ Several Objects (literally anything: book, stone, doll)

I will leave plenty of room for questions so if anything comes to mind beforehand, write it down and ask during the presentation. I am super excited and hope that you will enjoy this workshop.

– Zalia Omar