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The Moment of Truth (11 March)

Fact or fake? What can I believe?

In the inspiration session of 11 March we will explore what The Truth means. What we can believe about what we observe? And can we recognize misleading arguments? From all our I-deas about the truth we will try to come to shared We-deas.

This inspiration session will be led by Nynke Janna Borsje of Tresoar. Moreover, the Junior Honours will also be our guest. This inspiration session serves as an appetizer for April being the ‘Month of the Philosophy’.

Special request

For this Wednesday we would like to ask all students to bring an object, which you associate with ‘The Moment of Truth’.

We need you, so we hope to see many of you students on Wednesday?!


14:15 hrs. Walk in with high tea in the X-Lab (free entrance)
14:40 hrs. Welcome, announcements and pitches
15:00 hrs. Basecamp time/ project time
16.00 – 17.30 hrs.Inspiration session ‘The moment of truth’
By Nynke Janna Borsje