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What is the purpose of education? (May 27)

Inspiration session X-Honours May 27 by Jurian van der Meulen, Jildou Smilda and Dennis de Meer about Educational Systems.

These days we think that the way we educate, is the best it can be. It has been working for many years, and it should, of course, continue to do so. There are a few things we can adjust in the system, but overall there is no need for change.

Is our education really satisfying? Is it really the best it can be, or should we have a refreshing look at the very fundamentals of the system? We are interested in your ideas and experiences. Give us input in what might be needed to improve the school system and let’s challenge the current situation!

We will cast the session in Blackboard Collaborate, starting at 14.15 hrs. You can enter 15 minutes earlier for the High Tea. All students from NHL Stenden are welcome to join. Just click here to enter. Students that are subscribed to X-Honours are asked to join via the X-Honours’ Blackboard course.

We look forward to seeing you there!

14:15 hrs. (Virtual) walk-in @ Blackboard Collaborate
Bring your own High Tea!
14:45 hrs. Welcome, announcements, and pitches
15:00 hrs. Session about Educational Systems
by Jurian van der Meulen, Jildou Smilda and Dennis de Meer
16:00 hrs. Closure session and start base camp time