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Workshop time: writing & layout! (17 February)

Upcoming Wednesday, the 17th of February, the inspirational session will be a workshop about writing and layout. Combining good writing skills with a matching layout will make your final product: it is the touch and feel in its entirety.

But, which font is suitable and which colour goes best with it? Do you use serifs or not? And do you choose bright colours with a lot of contrast, or just the opposite? And what about the pictures? How can you use layout underlining your central message? And last but not least, how do you actually create a good text reaching your target group?

At the end of this workshop, you will walk out of our ‘door’ with a first draft for your portfolio or a part you can implement in your portfolio: how we are going to do this? You will discover that on Wednesday!

The inspiration session will be led by Fenja den Dulk and Elke Wagenaar, two of our coaches from Leeuwarden. 

All students from NHL Stenden are welcome to join this session. It will be hosted in MSTeams (XHonours Community, channel: general), starting at 14:30 hrs. You can ‘walk in’ 15 minutes earlier and have a chat if you like. 

Click here to join the session as a guest.

Schedule of 17 February

14:15 hrs.Walk in: MSTeams
Bring your own high tea 😉
14:30 hrs. Welcome, announcements, and pitches
14:45 hrs. (app.*)Inspiration session by Fenja den Dulk and Elke Wagenaar
16.00 hrs. (app.*)Basecamp time
* The time frames are approximate, programme parts will start subsequent to the previous part.