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The next level of Honours, X-Honours 3.0

For the project “the next level of Honours, X-Honours 3.0” led by Nants and Marije, some students were invited to help with researching and designing a new iteration of the X-Honours programme. We held interviews with several stakeholders (eg: Potential new X-Honours, Academic directors). We did this in a semi-structured interview structure with creating wordclouds for what is important for them. Besides that, we created an algorithm board for the open day of NHL-Stenden (see picture), organized lunches, meetings etc.
So in short, we did a lot of research about what the stakeholders wanted. After that we converted that to useful data and created a rapport with scenarios for the CvB of NHL-Stenden.
I was responsible for the algorithm board and the data analysis. We organized a weekly meeting with the project leaders for the updates and the progress. This project belongs to the pillars:

  • Value driven : Helping the project leaders Nants and Marije to organize events and analysing the data and even the main point: Creating scenarios to see what everyone wants what X-Honours should be.
  • Enterpreneurship: Organizing of the event, creating an algorithm board in a short period of time, doing weekly updates so the project went on and on.
  • Innovative: Creating a new concept of what X-Honours could/should be in the future in a design based way.
  • Personal Leadership: Do something more than what other students are doing and that managen with you main school life and personal life.
    Interdisciplinary: The research team existed of people with several different backgrounds: There were students of the studie ICT, International Hospitality Management working together with researchers and so on.


  • Erwin Schaap (HBO-ICT):