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The next level of Honours, X-Honours 3.0

From Erwin Schaap

For the project “the next level of Honours, X-Honours 3.0”, some students were invited to help with researching and designing a new iteration of the X-Honours programme. We held interviews with several stakeholders (eg: Potential new X-Honours, Academic directors). We did this in a semi-structured interview structure with creating wordclouds for what is important for them. Besides that, we created an algorithm board for the open day of NHL-Stenden (see picture), organized lunches, meetings etc.

So in short, we did a lot of research about what the stakeholders wanted. After that we converted that to useful data and created a rapport with scenarios for the CvB of NHL-Stenden.
I was responsible for the algorithm board and the data analysis. We organized a weekly meeting with the project leaders for the updates and the progress. This project belongs to the pillars:

  • Value driven: The community of X-Honours and the programme are important to me and I find helping people important. Also it was challenging, which is a value to me. For X-Honours it was very valuable that we, students, took part, so I took on this project by helping the project leaders Nants and Marije to organize events and analysing the data and even the main point: Creating scenarios to see what everyone wants what X-Honours should be.
  • Enterpreneurship: Organizing of the event, creating an algorithm board in a short period of time, doing weekly updates so the project went on and on.
  • Innovative: Creating a new concept of what X-Honours could/should be in the future in a design based way.
  • Personal Leadership: Do something more than what other students are doing and manage it with my main school life and personal life.
  • Interdisciplinary: The research team existed of people with several different backgrounds: There were students of the studie ICT, International Hospitality Management working together with researchers and so on. Together we worked on the same assignments, like doing research and come up with plans, with equal responsibilities.
  • Free pillar: At that time there was no free pillar yet.


  • Erwin Schaap (HBO-ICT):