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The activities that students do in Box 2 (Execute) and Box 3 (Experience) are called ‘projects’.

Projects are all activities that contribute to the achievement of the learning outcomes. As a student you are free to formulate these learning outcomes yourself and pick activities that help you achieving them. You can think of collaboration projects that last months or even years, but it could also be a course, a language you want to learn, an X-Honours inspiration session that you organise, or managing our social media. Some projects help you achieve learning outcomes on all pillars and other projects help achieving them on one or more pillars. For example, when you learn a language, you might want to find one or more additional projects that help you achieve your learning outcomes on pillars like innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Whereas in Box 2 the emphasis is on doing, in Box 3 the emphasis is on experiencing. This includes participation in conferences, RUN-EU projects, Grand Tour participation, exchange programmes, or a coarse. Sometimes, one activity covers both Box 2 and Box 3 activities.

Great projects deserve a honourable place right? Well, that’s what the Wall of X-Honours’ projects  is for. Projects you find here provide a lot of inspiration for you and your projects. It can help you get an overview of what projects you can think about. Some also explain how they relate to the X-Honours’ pillars.

Would you like to see your own projects here on the website? Please contact one of the coaches, and they will be happy to help you.

Ongoing projects

Maybe you wonder what projects are currently running, or open to join. For an overview, please turn to our community environment in MS Teams, via the button below (X-Honours members only).

Projects that are open to join every year are the following. Please turn to your coach when interested.

  • Website team
  • Marketing team
  • Social media team